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Do you require a fast pre-purchase inspection for a car or other vehicle?

We provide same-day pre-purchase car inspection services for all makes and models on the Gold Coast.  Our inspections leave no stone unturned in the assessment of the car.

Service and Repairs on all Cars

Why call us to do your pre-purchase inspection?

You need only call us first thing in the morning of the day you require the pre-purchase car inspection and we will help you out.  We will beat any reasonable price quoted by our competitors for our pre-purchase car inspection service.

Whether you buy a used car from a dealer or an individual it’s important that the vehicle is well inspected by one of our mechanics to ensure fair pricing and safety.  Once we have assessed the vehicle, you will be better placed to decide whether it is worth purchasing, and at what price.

How much does a pre-purchase car inspection cost?

Our comprehensive written and verbal pre-purchase car inspection report is $199 for standard passenger (and commercial) and $229 for four-wheel-drive vehicles.

Our Pre-Purchase Inspection includes a road test, overall interior and exterior condition assessment, and major component inspection.  We will examine major concerns such as gearbox, engine and steering components, and look at other condition considerations such as paint condition and horn function. In addition, we also look into frequent repairs, maintenance costs, and recalls for that specific make and model.

A pre-purchase inspection can save you money!

Most pre-purchase car inspections result in our customers saving much more than the cost of the inspection.

If a pre-purchase car inspection identifies significant faults, it can save you from buying lemon!  Or, the the faults are able to be rectified, you can use this knowledge to negotiate with the seller to reduce the price of the vehicle.  If no faults are identified, you have definitive peace of mind that you are purchasing a good car.

Our mechanics can also advise you regarding future service cost estimates.

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